Artist Series:
Amber Vittoria




Amber Vittoria for Kotn. A limited-run T-shirt and Sweatshirt collection designed by the NYC-based illustrator, inspired by the power women create when working together. Available exclusively online and at Kotn Toronto.

In one word, Amber Vittoria’s artwork has character. And a lot of it. The NYC-based illustrator’s fluid, colourful forms are whimsical, but rooted in deeper meaning, aiming to dismantle societal pressure on, and its view of, the female form.

“Visiting art museums, galleries, and reading about art history, there was seldom artwork that I felt I could see myself in. Majority of the famous artists were male, and the depictions of women within their artworks were either overtly sexual, maternal, or a societal trope of the like. Because of this, I wanted to create work in which I could see myself.”

And that feeling has clearly resonated. Working with The New York Times, Condé Nast, and Gucci, to name a few, Amber’s art has become a cult-favourite, gracing walls, books, pillows—you name it—and now, our very own Kotn. Stemming from the incredible women we work with to craft our clothing in Egypt, we collaborated with Amber to create a piece rooted in the power women create when working together.

“The piece for Kotn leans into intersectional feminism. It celebrates women coming together, helping each other grow, and learning from each other.”

Stepping into Amber’s Gramercy Park apartment building, which—side note—used to be a brothel, we chatted about muses, beginnings, and her favourite piece on her own art wall.

Her Start

“My brother and I would color and draw from a young age. Over time, my parents noticed how much we loved to make drawings and fill sketchbooks, they asked if we wanted to enroll in art classes outside of school. Eventually, my brother fell into loving science, but I continued to love making art. As I grew older, I realized it was one of the few things I enjoyed, regardless of the final outcome. I decided to pursue art in college and continue practicing into adulthood.”

Her Muses

“[Aside from the female form] my work is also heavily inspired by nature, human connection, and bright abstract color. My mother and late grandmother also have an immense impact on my work; their love, confidence, and personality are within each piece I create.”

Amber Vittoria is an NYC-based artist known for her bright and organic depictions of the female form, leveraging physical traits such as body hair, overtly extended limbs, and rounded features.

Photographed by Landon Speers

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