Orbed Sand Vase Orbed Sand Vase Orbed Sand Vase

Orbed Sand Vase


Decorative sand vase or candle holder hand-picked by our team in Cairo’s Khan el-Khalili souk and brought home to you.

Cairo’s largest souk—a term for marketplace derived from the Arabic word "sūḳ"—Khan el-Khalili is home to endless rows of glowing brass lights, alabaster vases, brightly-hued spices, and woven rugs. Set in the city’s historic center, Khan el-Khalili’s ancient walls and arches were originally constructed as part of a mausoleum known as the Saffron Tomb in 970 AD.

Cream-toned sand. Pourous structure will not hold liquid. 10 cm diameter, 8.5 cm tall. Each item is unique and the colour and pattern may differ slightly from pictured.